terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

The Look: You can do Neon..!

                                                       Why I love this look??
        Neon is the perfect expression of the changing seasons, celebrating winter turning into spring...
Let's all wave our glow sticks!

                                                          Accessories by Forever 21
                                                                     Bag by Zara

                                                             It's all about Zara!!!

domingo, 22 de abril de 2012

The Look: Opposites Distract

The unflagging popularity of op art is based on how contrasts of color alter the way we perceive shape....

 I love shopping and my attention is always driven me to the new collections.while I was walking in the mall last week  I found  this beautiful  polka dot black and white blouse. I didn't think twice and took it because would match perfectly with my Zara blazer and my shoes from Chinese Laundry....


                                                      Blazer and Short from Zara
                                                  Blouse from Macy's ate Galleria 
                                                     Shoes from Chinese Laundry
                                                   Ring and Earring by Aldo!  
                                                      Prada sunglasses!
 thank you so much for reading and hope you have a nice week!!